Portable Lithium Battery

Portable Energy Storage  series is a portable energy storage power based on lithium iron phosphate battery, which can store 500Wh energy at one time.  It integrates multiple power ports, including four USB outputs, one DC12V output, two AC outputs, and one car start output.  

It is suitable for the operation of lighting, small household appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, on-board electrical appliances, car emergency start-up, medical emergency equipment and other products under off-grid or power failure scenarios such as indoor power supply, outdoor activities, auto self-drive tour, emergency rescue, etc.  

Product characteristics

ModelMiniSheep 600MiniSheep 1000MiniSheep 2000
Battery TypeLFP BatteryLFP BatteryLFP Battery
Battery capacity550Wh(152780mAh)1002.24Wh (278400mAh)1879Wh
Number of cycles200060006000
Shell materialPlasticPlasticPlastic
Product size29.968cm(L)*19.15cm(W)*19.15cm(H)33.30cm(L)*23.25cm(W)*24.3cm(H)39.40cm(L)*31.0cm(W)*25.5cm(H)
Product weight6.4kg7.6kg15.6kg
Input DC 7909DC7909—6AmaxDC7909—6AmaxDC7909—6Amax
USB-A output18W *118W *118W *1
QC3.0 output(USB A 3.0)36W *136W *136W *1
PD output(Type-C)(5V-3A,9V-3A,12V-3A,20V-3A,60W/100W)*2(5V-3A,9V-3A,12V-3A,20V-5A,100W)*2(5V-3A,9V-3A,12V-3A,20V-5A,100W)*2
AC output110V/220V *2110V/220V *3110V/220V *4
Output DC5525(12V/3A 12V/5A)*2(12V/3A 12V/5A)*2(12V/3A 12V/5A)*2
Cigarette outlet12V/10A *112V/10A *112V/10A *1
Wireless Charging output15W *115W *115W *1
LED LightingYesYesYes
Support charging while dischargingYesYesYes
AdapterAC adapter 200W(including AC cable)AC charging cableAC charging cable
Operating temperatureAmbient temperature for charging (recommended): 0-40 ° C for discharging (recommended): -10-40 ° C
Storage environment temperature: 0-40
Ambient temperature for charging (recommended) : 0-40
Ambient discharge temperature (recommended): -10-40 ° C
Storage environment temperature: 0-40
Charging environment: 0 ~ 40
Ambient discharge temperature: -10 ~ 40

Storage environment temperature: 0
System protectionOver charge protection, over voltage protection, over current
protection, over discharge protection,Short circuit protection, overload protection, high temperature protection, low
temperature protection

Energy Storage System