BMS management system

System modular design, compatible with a variety of inverter selection, integrated installation and maintenance; The system can monitor and process AC-DC operation data and local environmental data in real time, and realize the applications of peak regulating, peak cutting and valley filling, off-grid backup power supply, photovoltaic energy access and other applications

Product characteristics

Battery parametersBattery  power
Charge and discharge power56.7KWRated Power5.12kw
battery voltage range600-1000V (3P3W) / 680-1000V (3P4W)Max. peak power9.83kw
Rated battery voltage768VGENERAL DATA
Max. charge and discharge current83.3AOperating Temperature Range-20°C to 50°C
BMS communicationRS485/CANDimensions(L*W*H)650/260/925mm
AC parameters(off Grid)Weight118kg
Rated output power50KWCommunicationCAN
Max. apparent power60KVABattery TypeLithium battery/Lead acid battery/user defined
Rated output voltage220V/230V/240V/380V/400V/415VNominal Capacity10.24kWh
Rated output frequency50/60 HzMaximum Usable Capacity9.216kWh
Load connection type3W+N+PEDepth of Discharge(DoD)90%
Max. output current90.9ANominal Battery Voltage500V
THDv<3% (Linear Load)Operating Voltage Range188.8V~227.2V
Load Balance100% Three-phase unbalanceRated current25A
Overload capacity≤110%,continue working
110%~120%, 10mins
>120% 200ms
Max current48A
General dataFault current49A
Size820/1350/510mmCycle Lifetime>6,000
Range of working temperature–30 °C~60 °C (超过50°C,降额运行)environmentIndoor
CoolingSmart air coolingCoolingNatural cooling
Display methodOLED+LED/WIFI+APPWarranty5 Years

Energy Storage System