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Which lithium battery is better for outdoor power supply?

Posted on 2023-03-14

outdoor power supply is also known as outdoor portable mobile power supply, in simple terms, it is convenient to carry, small size, light weight of a kind of energy storage power supply, for this kind of power supply many people are fond of, like now, the weather is getting warmer, but also a good season for spring outing, picnic, when going out to play whether barbecue, shooting to prepare an outdoor power supply is an excellent choice. Do all the friends who use outdoor mobile power supplies know what kind of lithium batteries are used in outdoor power supplies? Outdoor mobile power use which lithium battery effect will be better, can highlight its more advantages?

In fact, most outdoor power sources are installed in the cell system is lithium iron phosphate batteries, why use lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries? The reasons are as follows:

1. High battery life: compared with lead-acid battery life, lithium battery capacity can be increased by 20%-50% under the same size, increasing the battery life between a single device. When the environment is 0-10 degrees, the battery life performance of lithium battery is unchanged, while lead-acid battery life is shortened by 40%.

2. Zero maintenance: The life cycle of lithium batteries is 3-5 years, and it is truly maintenance-free. In comparison, lead-acid batteries are prone to bulge risk if improperly maintained.

3. Low cost: Since the raw materials of lithium batteries do not contain any precious metals, the comprehensive cost of lithium batteries is significantly lower than that of lead-acid batteries by comparing the purchase cost and maintenance cost of lead-acid batteries and analyzing the economy within the life cycle.