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Are lithium batteries appropriate for energy storage?

Posted on 2023-02-28

In the work of lithium ion battery is often applied to the major equipment machine above, with the development of science and technology, today's life and work are more and more inseparable from the use of power, a lot of working equipment need power to play a normal role, in order to meet the demand for electricity lithium battery manufacturers have developed more energy storage battery, and energy storage base station. So are lithium-ion batteries suitable for energy storage?

Using ion batteries as energy storage batteries is a wise choice, after all, lithium batteries have advantages over lead-acid batteries, which are safer.

I believe we all know that energy storage batteries are divided into two types. One type is stored in a fixed position for a long time and does not need to move back and forth, such as the energy storage battery used by the energy storage base station. The other is light and easy to move, such as mobile power.

There are several reasons why lithium-ion batteries are more suitable for energy storage than lead-acid batteries.

1. Small size, light weight, high energy: Generally speaking, the specific energy of lithium-ion batteries is more than twice that of lead-acid batteries. Compared with the same capacity of lead-acid battery, the volume can be reduced by 30%, the weight can be reduced by 50%, very suitable for use in small and portable electronic equipment.

2. Very high safety: each lithium battery will be overcharged protection, discharge protection, charge over current protection, charge and discharge short circuit protection, charge and discharge temperature protection, voltage balance and other safety measures, coupled with the built-in BMS protection board, is greatly reducing the safety risk.

3. Long cycle life: usually used, lithium battery cycle life of up to 2000 times, service life in 3-5 years, this is the official answer, if in peacetime use, to be maintained, the use of time will be extended indefinitely.