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What are the basic properties of lithium-ion batteries?

Posted on 2023-02-20

Lithium-ion battery is a kind of commonly used life battery. Lithium-ion battery is a kind of secondary battery. It mainly depends on the movement of lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes to work. For example, floor washers and working equipment use lithium-ion batteries, commonly known as lithium batteries. Lithium batteries generally use materials containing lithium as electrodes, which are representative of modern high-performance batteries. What are the basic properties of lithium-ion batteries?

1.Long cycle life: lithium ion battery adopts carbon anode. During the charging and discharging process, dendritic lithium will not appear on the carbon anode, thus preventing the damage to the battery caused by internal dendritic lithium short circuit. The cycle life reaches 2000 times, can be used for 3-5 years, and the charging speed is fast, which is even more popular.

2. High safety: safe and fast charging and discharging. Lithium ion battery short circuit resistance, resistance overcharge, discharge, shock, vibration, shooting, acupuncture, no fire, no explosion, etc., because its carbon anode has special electrode to replace metal lithium electrode, which allows rapid charging and discharging, and has internal overcharge protection, discharge protection, charging and discharging overcurrent protection, charging and discharging short circuit protection, charging and discharging temperature protection, voltage balance and other protective measures, which greatly reduces the occurrence of potential safety hazards.

3. Green and pollution-free: no toxic substances are released during production and use, also known as green battery, which is also advocated by China.

4. Small volume, light weight, high energy: Generally speaking, the specific energy of lithium-ion battery is more than twice that of nickel-cadmium battery, and it can release high energy on the basis of ease and convenience.