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Which is better, self driving camping outdoor power supply vs. battery?

Posted on 2023-01-03

For friends who like outdoor activities, going camping now is almost like moving. They bring mobile phones, tablets, drones, laptops and other electronic products just for simple use, while those who pursue refined camping will also bring electric rice cookers, electric cookers, induction cookers, barbecue ovens, electric kettles, electric hot pots, car refrigerators and other household appliances.

How to make these electrical equipment run has to use electricity, especially in the outdoor without grid coverage, a mature outdoor power solution is particularly important! When it comes to outdoor electricity use, we have to mention two representatives of outdoor electricity use: storage battery and outdoor power supply. The storage battery is also called lead-acid battery, and its identity is as the first generation energy storage representative product. Outdoor power supply is an emerging rising star, popular all over the world! If you want to carry outdoor power or batteries in self driving camping.

Batteries are often seen in daily life, and the range of use conditions is also very wide. Lead acid batteries can be seen in industry, agriculture, or on various vehicles. Let's first look at the advantages of lead acid batteries!

First, raw materials are easy to obtain and relatively cheap; Secondly, the high rate discharge performance can be well developed; Third, the probability of being affected by temperature is low, and it can work at - 40~+60 ℃; Fourth, there is no memory effect; Finally, waste lead-acid batteries are easy to recycle.

But everything has two sides. Now that we have finished talking about the advantages, let's look at the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries:

First, the energy density of the battery is low, generally 30~40Wh/kg; For example, for the electric vehicle battery we often use, a 12V24Ah battery weighs about 7-8kg, but its storage capacity is only 0.288kwh. The outdoor battery uses lithium battery cells with higher energy density, so it has larger battery capacity. The storage capacity can reach 1.2kwh under the same weight, and it is more convenient to carry outdoors!

Secondly, there is still a big gap between the service life and lithium battery; In terms of service life, the cycle life of lead-acid battery is less than 500 times, and the service life is short. The cycle life of outdoor power supply using lithium battery can reach 1000-2000 times, with a long service life;

Third, the battery is just a simple energy storage device, which cannot directly provide power support for electrical equipment outdoors. It requires multiple batteries to be combined with inverters to provide power output! The outdoor power supply is a mature outdoor power supply system, which is not only equipped with lithium ion batteries, but also a multi-functional portable energy storage power supply with AC output.

It can provide super power 240V AC output, and is equipped with 5V/12V and other DC output modules. It can start the car in an emergency, provide charging function for digital and vehicle mounted products and small power household appliances at any time and anywhere, and is also suitable for emergency use of various types of loads.