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What kind of battery is better for household energy storage power supply?

Posted on 2022-12-06

The application field of energy storage lithium battery is also getting wider and wider. The battery cells used for energy storage power supply include lithium iron phosphate battery, cylindrical steel shell lithium ion battery and flexible polymer lithium battery. Which battery is better for household energy storage power supply?

1. Lead acid storage battery

It has been a long time to use lead-acid battery as energy storage battery, mainly because lead-acid battery was invented early and its technology is relatively mature. Of course, its cheap production and manufacturing cost is one of the most popular main factors, but it also has great defects, such as the lowest energy density per unit volume, the heaviest weight, and its small capacity in providing multiple discharge, The power provided is often unable to meet the demand, and the production and manufacturing materials are harmful to the environment and human body.

2. The energy storage battery uses the soft package polymer lithium battery

From the perspective of the economic benefits of energy storage batteries, the use of flexible polymer lithium batteries is the most expensive, and the safety performance is also the most unstable. This is why many batteries used in new energy vehicles are not polymer lithium batteries. In spite of this, polymer lithium batteries are ideal for some energy storage batteries that are more lightweight.

3. Energy storage battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery may be the most widely used battery in the field of energy storage battery application in the future. Lithium iron phosphate battery has advantages in all aspects. First of all, in terms of temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate battery is the most heat resistant battery among all energy storage batteries, laying a certain foundation for safety and stability. In terms of providing high current discharge, though slightly inferior to polymer lithium battery, it is much better than lead-acid battery. Therefore, the batteries used by many intelligent cargo carriers or robots in warehousing and logistics are lithium iron phosphate batteries.