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What aspects should we pay attention to when charging lithium iron phosphate battery?

Posted on 2022-11-21

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are loved by everyone due to excellent performance, so what are the places to pay attention to when charging?

1: City electric voltage

The charging working voltage of lithium iron phosphate battery packs is recommended to choose a municipal electric voltage within the range of conventional 180V-240V. Excessive or low AC power will damage the charger and cause abnormal protection of the charger. And it is recommended not to arrange multiple chargers in the same insertion to avoid the unstable of the AC electrocable voltage.

2: Environmental ventilation

When charging lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is recommended to put it in a dry and ventilated environment. For a long time to touch the humid environment, the battery and charging interface pole chips may occur, causing aging equipment, and charging in the sealing space. It is not conducive to equipment heat dissipation and affects the service life of the charger. In the same way, when the battery and charger are charging, the surface should not be covered with cotton woven covers, which affects heat dissipation.

3: Avoid rain, stay away from water sources, bright fire

When charging the battery, the charger pays attention to stay away from the water source and bright fire, especially in the high incidence of the rainwater. When the equipment needs to be charged, it is recommended to put it indoors as much as possible. The device is oxidized and affects the service life of the charger. Therefore, it is recommended that the charger is placed in a relatively dry environment.

4: Charger housing and wire temperature

When the charger is working, it will spread the calories, so the charger will avoid touching the metal case directly as much as possible after the charging is over (summer).