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What is grid connected system and what are its advantages?

Posted on 2022-11-07

The solar grid connected power generation system converts solar energy into electric energy, and sends the electric energy to the grid directly through the grid connected inverter without storage of battery energy. Solar grid connected power generation represents the development direction of solar power, and is the most attractive energy utilization technology in the 21st century.

Solar photovoltaic power generation relies on solar cell modules and uses the electronic characteristics of semiconductor materials. When sunlight shines on the semiconductor PN junction, the P-N junction barrier area generates a strong built-in electrostatic field, so the non-equilibrium electrons and holes generated in the barrier area or generated outside the barrier area but diffused into the barrier area move in the opposite direction under the action of the built-in electrostatic field, Leaving the barrier area, the potential in the P area will increase and the potential in the N area will decrease, thus generating voltage and current in the external circuit to convert light energy into electrical energy.

The advantages of solar grid connected system are

(1) Using clean and renewable natural energy for solar power generation does not consume non renewable, carbon containing fossil energy with limited resources, and there is no greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions in use, which is harmonious with the ecological environment and conforms to the sustainable development strategy of economy and society.

(2) The generated energy is fed into the power grid, and the power grid is used as the energy storage device to save the storage battery. Compared with the independent solar photovoltaic system, the construction investment can be reduced by 35% - 45%, which greatly reduces the power generation cost. Eliminating the battery avoids the secondary pollution of the battery, and can improve the mean time between failures of the system.

(3) The perfect combination of photovoltaic cell modules and buildings can not only generate electricity, but also be used as building materials and decorative materials, so that material resources can be fully utilized to play a variety of functions, which is not only conducive to reducing construction costs, but also improves the scientific and technological content of buildings, increasing "selling points".

(4) Distributed construction, local distributed power generation and supply, flexible access to and exit from the power grid, is not only conducive to enhancing the ability of the power system to withstand war and disasters, but also conducive to improving the load balance of the power system, and can reduce line loss.

(5) It can play a peak shaving role. Networked solar photovoltaic system is the hot spot and focus of the developed countries in the world in the field of photovoltaic application. It is the mainstream development trend of solar photovoltaic power generation in the world, with a huge market and broad prospects.