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How long is the life of lithium iron phosphate battery?

Posted on 2022-09-13

Present in the lithium battery is widely applied to all walks of life, like our common robot, AGV, storage battery, medical equipment, floor car, forklift trucks, and many other industrial equipment common battery is lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium batteries have long service life, high energy density, high rate charge and discharge characteristics, can provide more efficient and convenient for equipment working efficiency. So, how long does a lithium iron phosphate battery last?

1: lithium iron phosphate battery cycle use times

At present, the development of lithium battery technology is increasingly mature, such as lithium iron phosphate battery pack, conventional support cycle times of more than 2000+, compared with the traditional 500+ cycle times of lead-acid battery, lithium battery support life is much longer. For example: a cycle is equal to a complete charge and discharge process. The battery is charged from 10% to 100%, and then discharged from 100% to 10%, which counts as a complete cycle of use. So we often say that lithium batteries last several times longer than lead-acid batteries, because lithium batteries support several times more cycles than lead-acid batteries.

2: attenuation of lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery attenuation is very small, only attenuation is less than 5% a year, may you for battery attenuation don't know, I tell you the battery life does not mean the battery can't use, it is the number of battery recycling exhausted, attenuation of the 7788 batteries, charge soon, even the battery finished attenuation, the end of the life. Like our common lead-acid batteries are usually use battery life will significantly reduce a year later, had to charge power range 6 hours to back in less than 2 hours, because of the lead-acid battery attenuation is very big, normal attenuation 50% a year, the battery is not durable, by comparison, the attenuation of the lithium iron phosphate battery is very small, with a 3-5 years, It will not affect the battery greatly, and it is very durable and durable.

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