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Lithium battery manufacturers tell you the importance of lithium battery maintenance

Posted on 2022-09-05

Lithium-ion batteries work by changing the electrolyte inside through chemical reactions, creating a potential difference between the positive and negative terminals to generate current. The electrolyte moves very slowly at low temperature, which affects the transfer activity of lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes, resulting in the degradation of battery charging and discharging performance. Let lithium battery manufacturers to tell you!

One, about the discharge

1) Winter batteries are not durable

Lithium battery manufacturers tell us that batteries are generally affected by the ambient temperature, and the discharge performance of batteries is better when the temperature is higher.

When the temperature is lower than 0 degrees in winter, the actual available capacity of lithium battery is lower than that in normal temperature environment, which is obviously not as high as before, but don't worry, its function will recover naturally when the temperature rises.

2) Cultivate good operating habits

According to Parid, a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries consume much more than constant driving at low speeds. When the situation is not particularly urgent, it is recommended to maintain a constant speed, avoid sharp acceleration or braking conditions

3) Prohibit excessive discharge

In winter, it may not be accurate to estimate the battery power according to the normal battery life. When the battery power is still about 20%, please charge in time, develop the good habit of charging with use, and avoid excessive discharge.

4) Avoid battery rain or water

Lithium battery manufacturers said, the vehicle wading do not exceed the bottom of the battery bin height, otherwise it may lead to water in the battery, resulting in an internal short circuit. Do not charge the battery if water is in the battery. Otherwise, fire, combustion, or explosion may occur. Charge the battery only after it is safe and completely dry.

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