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Lithium battery energy storage application potential is huge

Posted on 2022-07-22

Strong technical adaptability, wide application range and scenarios. Lithium battery energy storage, with large energy density, low self-discharge, no memory effect, wide working temperature range, and can fast charging and discharging, long service life and low environmental pollution, and the advantages of without being limited by the topography and other natural conditions, is currently in storage product development and adaptability of the best technology route, can be competent for all kinds of complex scenes, In the power generation side, the user side, the power grid side and other major energy storage fields have a strong competitiveness.

On the power generation side, lithium battery energy storage is mainly used in optical storage power station, wind storage power station, automatic generation control (AGC) frequency modulation power station, etc. On the user side, it is mainly used in communication base station, rail transit, home energy storage and backup power supply, etc. On the power grid side, it is mainly used in substation energy storage, virtual power plant, micro-grid and peak frequency modulation and other scenarios.

Strong industrial supporting capacity, remarkable scale economy effect. Driven by the rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales, the lithium battery industry has also maintained a good momentum of development. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China produced 12.42 gigawatt hours (GWh) of all kinds of lithium batteries in 2018, up 23.1% year on year, laying a solid foundation for the development of lithium battery energy storage industry. In particular, low cost and good safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries are ushering in a new round of growth. The market of key materials such as cathode materials, cathode materials, diaphragm and electrolyte continues to expand, and the supporting capacity of the industry continues to strengthen, which strongly supports a large number of applications of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage. With the rapid growth of the backbone enterprises in the lithium battery industry, economies of scale have become increasingly apparent, and the price and cost of lithium batteries have dropped significantly, making the application of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage more economical and feasible.

Industrial integration with good extension will become an important support for the energy revolution. The energy revolution represented by new energy, electric vehicles and smart grid is developing deeply around the world. Lithium battery energy storage industry will become an important link and catalyst to promote a new round of energy revolution.

First, lithium battery energy storage is an important extension and main direction of the development of new energy industry. The supporting application of lithium battery energy storage facilities can effectively solve the instability of new energy generation and grid connection technology problems, so as to improve the power quality and realize the efficient use of new energy.

Second, lithium battery energy storage and electric vehicle industry are highly integrated and complementary. Electric vehicles can be used as distributed energy storage facilities to shift peak load and fill valley when parked, and power batteries can also be used as energy storage batteries for cascade utilization after retirement.

Third, energy storage technology is an important part of smart grid, which can improve the reliability and flexibility of power grid operation.