Investment Business



With good business reputation and business performance, Ktech has formed strategic partnership with many partners, and provides a package of solutions for partners based on its professional supply chain financial service capabilities. 

KTECH SOLARKtech Enterprise equity investment

Focus on the customers, collaborate deeply with entrepreneurs and develop together.


New Materials

Electronic Commerce Enterprise


FMCG(fast moving consumer goods) 

KTECH SOLARPower station investment and development

Integrate resources, lead or assist customers to invest in the construction of solar photovoltaic power stations.  

KTECH SOLARExcellent product, professional service and strong support

  • Services and Support

    As a professional partner, you will receive our personalized service, via the professional customer service hotline, any question you have can be quickly and conveniently answered 

  • Education and Training

    As a professional partner, you will receive training and guidance on everything from the development of the power station to the operation and maintenance fees, and gain all the professional knowledge necessary for the long-term benefit of the power station. 

  • Market data

    As a professional partner, you will get all kinds of policy and market information you need in time to avoid all kinds of policy risks for your long-term ownership of solar power station.  

  • Professional Partner  

    As a professional investor, we can buy or operate your telephone on behalf of you for a long time, so that you enjoy the quiet benefit.  

  • Direct supply

    As a professional photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise, we supply all kinds of main materials for power station directly from the factory to effectively control the construction cost.

  • Delivery service  

    As a professional partner, we can provide one-stop service to completely solve your worries